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Exclusive hand forging and ornament work from V-Metal Art studio.
Located at 101 Planchet Rd. Unit #5, Concord, Ontario, L4K 2C6.

About custom wrought iron railing

There are many companies out there who offer metal railing of different types, sizes and compositions. Usually, offered railing is assembled from pre-built, cast iron, components bought from mass-producers. In most cases, you will see the same ornaments between different railings. So, your neighbor may have a very similar railing to yours. However, we offer exclusive designs and hand forging, thus our ornamental work is always unique. Also, the quality of a hand forged metal is much higher than cast iron products, since metal density of wrought iron is much higher than cast iron.

A little bit about metal sculpture

Artistic forging offers an excellent platform for sculpture. Iron, when heated up, is flexible and can adapt any form, thus in hands of a black smith master it is just a clay. Metal sculptures are trendy, beautiful and catching eye. If you want to make your guests to say "waooo" add some hand forged sculpture and interior decorations to your house or office.

Forging is a process of shaping metal using localized compressive force. It is one of the oldest metalwork processes known to man. Forged iron, or wrought iron as it also commonly known, historically has been worked by blacksmiths. Using hammers and anvils blacksmith masters forge iron to certain shapes to produce a very wide range of products such as weapons, locks and gates. Wrought iron makes the strongest gates, durable furniture and beautiful sculpture. Iron's natural characteristics to take pretty much any shape, offers an excellent platform for art. Simply put, a blacksmith master is an artist.

From the twelfth to the seventeenth century, forging process expended tremendously, and some of the finest examples of forged art come from that era. In the consequent time iron work has only continued growing in popularity and prestige. Art Craft ironwork became highly desirable for interior and exterior decorating as well as architectural work and furniture. Ornamental ironwork become extremely popular in Europe, and soon spread all over the globe.

Forged metal is never outdated, always in demand, and very prestigious and trendy. Iron gates, railings, furniture, light fixtures, fireplace tools and accessories, and wrought iron sculpture add charm and value to your home, park, or business. Forged iron is a real art. Just look at these pictures - all these items are hand forged, unique in design and simply beautiful. Would you like to own such piece of art? Do you see yourself living or working in a place decorated in wrought iron ornaments? Do you want to add charm to your home or business? Contact us, we will help you adding individuality to your home or business.

Our studio incorporates decades of hand forging and wrought iron ornamental work experience. We apply unique design ideas and make high quality products. Our attention to details makes our work appealing to any customer desires. We can work from your own design ideas and sketches, or can offer you our design services. We work closely with our customers, and treat each project individually. Our masters will meet you in person, will listen carefully to your requirements and desires, and will help you selecting the right design for your project. We also provide previous work catalogs and sketch collection to help you with the design selection.

Forget iron work studio, VMetalArt, is your ultimate destination for artistic iron forging. We can implement any of your decorative ideas into our wrought iron product. We will give it our care, love and soul making it shine years to come.

This website was built to introduce our studio to you. Here you will find information on our exclusive ornament work and our products. Also, check out our FAQ section and video library to learn our forging process.

We always look for partners. Our previous experience showed that wood, glass and stone blend very well with metal. Such combination can give some interesting and unique ideas that our customers really like and want. Please contact us if you are interested in partnering up on some projects.